Dinner at KPH Matbar

We serve dinner from 17.00

Chritmas table

Sample some of our Danish inspired Christmas courses
Served in November and December
lunch & evening at Kungsportshusets Matbar

Herring cake
horseradish, bleak roe & cress
Pork pâté
sourdough bread & cucumber
Cured salmon
mustard seeds, ”coffee” & dried dill
Cornfed duck with duck sausage
smoked butter, roasted cabbage & apples
pears, cognac & gingerbread cookies
”Ris à l’amande”
cherries ”tosca cake” & orange

Menu 495   Beverage menu 395

À la carte

Hungry? Or just a little peckish? Try our snacks.
Choose 2 as a starter or 3-4 as a full meal!

Small courses
Danish pork rinds 45:-
Smoked sausage 55:-
Cured ham 65:-
Herring cake, horseradish, bleak roe & cress 75:-
Dill crisps & bleak roe & "smetana" 125:-
30g caviar of sturgeon & butter fried sourdough bread, “smetana” & silverskin onions 495:-
Pork pâté, sourdough bread & cucumber 85:-
Grilled beans, Swedish feta cheese, haricot verts & spruce oil 75:-
Tempura broccoli & jalapeño mayonnaise 75:-
Cured salmon from Fröya, mustard seeds, coffee & dried dill 75:-
Filet of veal on a skewer, pickled mustard seeds & dill 95:-

Cravings for cheese? Ask your waiter what we serve at the moment.
We serve our cheese with the chefs accessories.
55 kr/pc.

Main courses
Braised beef cheek, mashed potatoes, sage, smoked tomatoes & mushrooms 235:-
Cod & scallop, oysters, jalapeños & chives 255:-
Beef tartar of Swedish cow, baked yolk, beetroots & capers 195:-
”The Animal" chefs choice of condiments ask price
Roasted cabbage “Västerbotten” cheese & almonds 185:-
Pralines 30:-/pc
Canelé cloudberries & arak cream 45:-
Swedish winter apples chocolate & watercress 85:-
Ris à l’amande cherries “tosca cake” & orange 85:-
Ice cream, meringue, caramel sauce 55:-
Cheese, ask us what we have today. chefs choice of condiments 55:-

"Dining table" at Kungsportshuset in Göteborg

What is the "Dining table"?

The Dining table is our chef's modern interpretation of Scandinavia.
We make sure you get to know everything from sea, land and farm.
Of course, suitable drinks should be included, where you can try snaps and beer, and of course some wine.
The serving is carried out by our chef and his colleagues as well as by a dedicated sommelier.

We welcome you and your friends to the Dining table!

From 995,- including beverages.
For reservations please contact info@kungsportshuset.se


Minimum number of persons for the "Dining table" is 6 people. Everyone in the company must choose the "Dining table" and it is booked at least three days before your visit.